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Quality Control

Our full time and associate team members are professionals who are highly qualified and experienced and who have an established track record in their respective areas of expertise. If necessary, we will draw additional support from our international network to ensure that all areas of the assignment are accomplished effectively.

A work plan is formulated for each assignment, which is directed by a Project Director, assisted by a Team Leader. These key personnel ensure that all tasks of the assignment are performed effectively and are well coordinated.

We also recognize the need for adequate and experienced administrative support to accomplish an assignment successfully. We have a well-developed project monitoring and management system. Work progress is regularly assessed and compared with the work plan. Variances are investigated on time to ensure that project performance is on schedule. In addition, as the project proceeds, expenditure is analyzed and compared with budget. Financial controls are maintained to ensure that all expenditure is approved in advance. The Project Director assumes the final responsibility for the project and exercises the quality assurance and client liaison function.


We have established excellent working relationships with Government Departments, Development Financial Institutions (DFI's) commercial banks, corporate lawyers and Chambers of Commerce. These working relationships are useful for information gathering and soliciting assistance to facilitate carrying out our assignments.


Our offices are well equipped with computer hardware and software fully networked to ensure efficiency in retrieval and sharing of information between consultants. Furthermore we have field computer laptops, which are all, equipped with modems to facilitate easy retrieval of information from our server wherever the consultant may be working from in the field as long as there are clear and operating telephone lines. Other facilities include Internet and e-mail to enhance communication with our international and local associates.

Additionally our associate engineers are well equipped with most modem engineering and survey equipment all geared towards serving our clients better.


Unlike many companies where commercial considerations are often paramount, we have a policy of giving an independent professional view even if it is not what the donor community or the recipients of the advice want to hear. We believe in “telling it like it is”.


Our mission is “t o assist our clients identify pragmatic and relevant business solutions and strategies in order to improve productivity and value to the stakeholders”.


Our Vision is “ to be a leading provider of holistic organizational solutions in human resource management, capacity building, strategic and financial management, information technology and restructuring strategies.


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