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Corporate Objectives

•  To assist governments in formulating appropriate macroeconomic and sector policies, private sector and rural development policies.

•  To assist governments in improving the performance of the public sector through restructuring, commercialization and/or privatization.

•  To assist governments in developing efficient public financial and human resource management systems, cogent debt management systems and sound budgetary policies.

•  To assist our other clients in undertaking cogent financial and operational restructuring strategies so as to enhance their productivity and profitability.

•  To perform our audit work in a professional manner that adds value to the clients' activities rather than simply for compliance purposes.


Our mission is “t o assist our clients identify pragmatic and relevant business solutions and strategies in order to improve productivity and value to the stakeholders”.


Our Vision is “ to be a leading provider of holistic organizational solutions in human resource management, capacity building, strategic and financial management, information technology and restructuring strategies.


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