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Welcome to the MK Consulting Website

Our Values

•  Uncompromising professionalism in all aspects of our business dealings.

•  Building and maintaining long term relationships with clients.

•  Endeavor not only to meet the clients' expectations but also to exceed them whenever possible within the agreed time and financial budgets.

•  Provide a quality product/service, encompassing the following principles:

•  Doing only what we are qualified to do.

•  Working with clients where we can maintain our standards.

•  Transfer of skills to our clients' staff.

•  Recruit and retain qualified and motivated, permanent and associate team of professional and administrative staff, combining individual and company reputations as one successful whole.

•  Promote teamwork and synergy both within the firms and with clients and other stakeholders who we interact with from time to time.

•  Ensure that our affiliates/associates operate within the above framework.


Our mission is “t o assist our clients identify pragmatic and relevant business solutions and strategies in order to improve productivity and value to the stakeholders”.


Our Vision is “ to be a leading provider of holistic organizational solutions in human resource management, capacity building, strategic and financial management, information technology and restructuring strategies.


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